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It is that time of year where homeowners and/or potential sellers, think about remodeling their home, or at the very least do some cosmetics updates.  Lately I’ve been on several listing appointments where homeowners have constructed additions to their homes without permits.

Lake Oswego Real Estate Here Comes Spring Remodeling Season

In each case I recommended to the potential Lake Oswego home seller they have the necessary inspections, complete the required repairs, if any, and obtain permits for the additions either they or their friends built before they place their home on the market for sale. Permits, and a city building inspection, can be obtained after completion of any work done by homeowners to the home if they are planning to sell.

Buyers Should Request Permits When Making Offers 

Most buyers will want permits pulled on those additions prior to closing the purchase of the home. When I am a buyer’s agent, I always inquire about permits and advise my clients to write into an offer that the seller provide those permits for the buyer’s review and approval/disapproval within a certain time frame or recommend to the buyers they do their own due diligence and search for those permits at the appropriate government agency or on-line.

Lake Oswego Real Estate Property Disclosures 

When you list your Lake Oswego home for sale, homeowners are obligated to place the correct information on the Property Disclosure Statement as to permits, etc. Sellers may be liable if they knew the work was done without a permit should the shoddy workmanship cause a fire, etc. after the buyer closes on their home.

An insurance company may not want to cover damages if the buyer purchases the home with the knowledge that permits, inspections and the closing didn’t include those permits for the additions during that buyer’s purchase.

Further, when that buyer goes to sell the property ever again, they too will be obligated to forward the information that no permits were obtained in their Seller Property Disclosure Statement at the time of their listing the property for sale.

Oregon Property Disclosure

Oregon is a disclosure state and information regarding permits, additions, etc. must always be disclosed.  If the owner chooses not to disclose those issues then the buyer may have remedy against the owner/home seller.

As a home seller, you don’t want to open yourself up to a lawsuit.  It saves you time, effort and money by doing the right thing and obtaining permits when doing any work on the home you plan to sell.  As a buyer, you want to make sure you made a sound investment that has no problems.


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