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Lake Oswego Historic Preservation And Boulder City, Nevada.lakeoswegorealestateblog.wordpress.comLake Oswego Historic Preservation And Boulder City, Nevada

I have been wanting to write this post all year and will explain later why I am writing it now. In the meantime, you are probably wondering “what does Boulder City have to do with Lake Oswego’s historic preservation?”  Good question!

Boulder City, Nevada

In February 2013, I attended the RE MAX Convention in Las Vegas.  At the end of the convention, I took several road trips, one of which was to Boulder City. I wound up spending an entire day in that small town because I just loved it there. Boulder City is one of only two towns in Nevada that doesn’t have gambling and I was surprised at how similar it is to Lake Oswego.Lake Oswego Historic Preservation And Boulder City,

Lake Oswego Historic Preservation And Boulder City,

During the 1930s and construction of the Hoover Dam, much like Lake Oswego in the 1920s during the iron era, the workers needed housing.  Brick houses were built to accommodate those workers. Those cottages, in a historic part of old town, have been restored and are designated historic landmarks. Unlike Lake Oswego and our First Addition neighborhood, Boulder City kept those cottages.  They weren’t torn down and there are no McMansions sitting in their place.

There is art everywhere in old town Boulder City just like we have in Lake Oswego. There’s a 7 acre bicentennial park at the end of town with a historic remnant from the construction of Hoover Dam.Lake Oswego Historic Preservation And Boulder City, There are lots of other historic sites in their old town among them a movie theater and hotel from the 1930s.

In addition, there’s a greenbelt right through the middle of town with a gazebo and vintage clock that chimes every 15 minutes.  You can hear it all over town.  I would stop and listen each time it chimed. Boulder City also has a lake, although not private like Oswego Lake. Boulder City overlooks Lake Meade, one of the largest man-made lakes in North America. 

Lake Oswego Historic Preservation And Boulder City, Nevada.lakeoswegorealestateblog.wordpress.comBoulder City is a destination for groups, clubs and tourists with the streets lined with restaurants, outdoor cafes, antique and collectible shops, galleries and art all over town. There’s possibly even more art than we have here in Lake Oswego. (I’d like to make a slide show of all the pictures I took that day.)

However, unlike Lake Oswego, when our city councilors said they wanted Lake Oswego and Lake View Village to become a “destination”, there are no big box stores, no chain retail stores and no strip shopping mall. I also don’t remember seeing a Starbucks anywhere.

Oh and it was 78 degrees, blue skies, sunny, warm and the first signs of Spring showing its colors!

Lake Oswego Historic Preservation

It seems that our city doesn’t want to retain ties to its history or keep the last few remaining buildings we still have from a by-gone era. Most have already been demolished.  Those historic sites cannot be rebuilt and much of Lake Oswego’s rich past is now gone forever.

One of the last remaining territorial houses in Lake Oswego, the Carman House, has recently been removed of its historic designation by the City Council, and the owners are free to develop the site.

Boulder City is truly a destination; whereas, Lake Oswego is becoming just another suburb of Portland, albeit a rich one! Boulder City is charming and quaint because they retained much of their history. It is a shame we are losing so much of our heritage here in Lake Oswego.

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