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Lake Oswego Real Estate Eliminating Grass

If you are like me, now that we are in Spring and our Portland weather has started to be really nice, I’ve got theBench gardening bug.

One of the thorns in my side has been my front lawn.  I am so embarrassed by it I won’t even share a picture of it but it certainly doesn’t fit with my opinion of what a “perfect lawn” should look like. My lawn reminds me of a newborn child’s head with wisps of hair growing.  You get the picture right?

Yes I could have planted sod, put seed on it (which I have done), or fertilized it.  I am against fertilizers and chemicals and try to use few, if any at all, anywhere in my garden.  You’d think my lawn would be lush and green with all our rain. And I compost, but that takes a while to provide that rich, sweet smelling soil for me.  I am a gardener after all, and am all for saving water too.

I am sure my HOA and neighbors are getting as tired of my lawn as I am.  My automatic “knee jerk” response has been to not do anything to it because I have been so indecisive. I know this may sound crazy, but sometimes I just sit and look at it trying to visualize what I want to do with it in my mind.

Eliminating Grass

A few months ago, I attended a Home and Garden Show at the Portland Expo where the State of Oregon Masters Gardeners had a booth. There was a Master Gardener on hand to answer questions so I thought I would pose to her what my thoughts were. My goal is to eliminate as much grass as I can. My quandary, however, is that I love the smell of fresh cut grass and love walking on it with bare feet. Finally I came upon a plan.

Getting The Dirt

There is an oak tree with huge roots meandering throughout my front yard making it near to impossible to grow grass.  My plan is to get top soil, fill in the large area of the roots and focus on a smaller patch of grass, eventually removing the grass with pavers leading to my back yard.

Now the question is where to get the dirt and how much do I need?  Do I buy it in bags or get a truckload of it?  Just in my time of need, I found this blog post about the benefits of buying bags of top soil vs. getting a truckload delivered.

It helped me understand the direction I needed to go and it might help you as well.  On Al’s Gardening’s website there is a calculator to determine exactly how much top soil you might need. Now to measure the area and determine how many yards of top soil I need, and to find the time to take on this project.

I tell myself I can do this because I landscaped and planted my entire yard when I built my home myself.  Now I’m tearing things out instead.

Do I have any volunteers that would like to help? I may do before and after pictures, depending of course how it all turns out.

State Of Oregon Master Gardeners Events

State Of Oregon Master Gardeners also have numerous garden shows/sales upcoming.  Here’s a list of those.

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