January Residential Highlights

New Listings

The Portland area saw an uptick of new listings to begin the year this January. There were 3,048 new listings, a 22.6% increase over January 2018 (2,486) and more than double the 1,255 new listings offered
last month in December 2018. The prior January that had more listings was in 2011, when 3,128 were
offered. There are reports indicating we have not had this many houses for sale in 7 years. Inventory is definitely creeping up, and Spring is just around the corner when Sellers really start putting their homes on the market for sale.bettyjung.com

Pending Sales

Pending sales, at 2,045, decreased 11.5% from January 2018 (2,311) but surged 27.9% ahead of the 1,599 offers that were accepted last month in December 2018..  Fewer and fewer multiple offers are being seen.  However, will Spring have a resurgence of those kind of offers.

Closed Sales

Closed sales, at 1,451, ended 10.9% cooler than last year in January 2018 (1,628) and 21.4% cooler than last month in December 2018 (1,846).

Inventory & Days On Market

Inventory rose to 3.3 months in January, with total market time rising to 76 days.  Days on the market has increased.  The days of hitting the market and selling instantly are over.  Hopefully, sellers are now in step with what is happening in our local real estate market in the Portland metro area.

Average and Median Sale Pricesbettyjung.com

Comparing the average price of homes sold in the twelve months ending January 31st of this year ($452,200) with the average price of homes in the twelve months ending January 2018 ($430,000)
shows an increase of 5.2%.

In the same comparison, the median has increased 5.3% from $380,000 to $400,000.

Lockbox Activity Decreases

I don’t normally post this statistic regarding lockbox activity – ie lockboxes that were opened for bettyjung.comshowings.  But, it indicates how weather affects selling real estate in the Pacific NW, particularly in the Portland metro area.  We had a false snowmageddon and I guess everyone decided to stay home and eat their kale (inside joke for Portlanders!).  They decided to stay home and not look at houses.  We get this stat weekly. This one covers February 4-10 and in fact, the following week was when we were expecting the worst of the snow.  Will post that stat next time to see if it was an even slower time.

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