As a REALTOR® and a paid subscriber to our local RMLS™, there is lots of information and many reports we have access to.  One is a daily Hot Sheet.


Every day in our RMLS™ we have access to up-to-the minute information on real estate in any of our local real estate markets.  As agents, we generally, set up our own hot sheet for those areas we are interested in receiving information about.

The minute something comes on the market as a “coming soon” listing, a new listing, price changes, a pending sale, a sold, a property that has come off the market (expired, cancelled or withdrawn), sold and not listed, we are notified almost instantly as to when that happens.


For example, here’s a recap of this week’s hot sheet for Lake Oswego Real Estate: Monday, November 12 to Friday, November 16, 2018:

Monday – 2 new listings, 3 price changes, 3 pending sales

Tuesday – 3 new listings, 5 pending sales, 1 expired off the market, 1 sold

Wednesday – 1 coming soon listing, 3 listings back on the market, 4 price changes, 3 pending sales, 1                            expired off the market, 4 sold

Thursday – 5 new listings, 1 back on the market, 3 price changes, 3 pending sales, 1 sold

Friday – 1 coming soon, 6 new listings, 3 price changes, 2 pending sales, 4 expired off the market, 2 sold

Who knows what the weekend will bring?

The hot sheet also gives me a clue about current trends.  Are we seeing a lot of price reductions?  Are a lot of houses coming off the market via either expired or cancelled listings?  The daily hot sheet gives me a daily look at where we are heading.  Looking at the daily Hot Sheet gives me an overall view of the current state of our market.


While the public does not have access to the above information, you can receive property alerts from me.  As soon as a new listing comes on the market for properties you are searching, or real estate activity in your neighborhood or street, or an area you are interested in, I can arrange for you to receive instant property alerts.

Just send me an email to betty@bettyjung(dot)com and I will be happy to arrange that you receive this information.

Thinking of Selling Your Lake Oswego Home?

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There are links above to search for real estate.  I have a new website where you can search or you can use my mobile phone app as well. My website and mobile app provide you with access to all listings available on the RMLS™ system regardless of who the listing agent or brokerage may be. Listings are updated frequently throughout the day giving you the information you need, when you need it.

Moving to Lake Oswego?

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I have worked in Lake Oswego as a Real Estate Broker since 1978, have lived in Lake Oswego since 1988 and know all the neighborhoods! The real estate market is still strong here in the Portland metro area and Lake Oswego. I am ready to assist you with all your real estate needs! “There is no substitute for experience.”

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