Since getting my first computer, I have always tried to be cognizant of all the scams that exist.  Granted, I don’t know all of them but I pride myself on being careful. Saying “No” has always been much easier for me than saying “Yes” to

Easy Scam To Fall For

In mid-December 2017, I changed real estate companies and took my business home.  While setting up my in-home office, I could not get my HP printer to work.  I couldn’t find the driver on-line to upload so, like many of you perhaps, I sought help on-line from HP.

The HP tech person did assist in getting my printer working and, during the course of the conversation, asked if I had scan/virus protection.  The laptop I was now going to use was purchased in 2015 and I never used it prior to my move home.  I had virus protection from Best Buy where I purchased my computer via WebRoot.  So when the HP tech recommended WebRoot I was familiar with that program and thought nothing of it. The cost was $300 and again thought that was reasonable as Best Buy’s program was $350.  There was nothing that set off any alarms.

During the course of getting the WebRoot up and running, I somehow got switched over to Geeks World effortlessly.  Everything worked fine and that was the last of it until this past week now 7 months later.

Those Nasty Scammers

This past week I started getting phone calls from Geeks World telling me there was a problem with my IP address and I had numerous viruses.  I never answered their calls until one day I did by mistake.  During our conversation, the Geeks World tech was asking me questions that were not normal nor were they related to my computer. I saw a red light come on.  In the middle of the phone call I hung up and went into my control panel to take a look.  I deleted some things I thought were fishy.

When I hung up I did a Google search of Geeks World.  Was I ever surprised by what I found.  It really opened my eyes and I had indeed been scammed.  Here is the link to what I found.  Apparently many are falling for the same scam and they all started with getting help on-line for their HP printers.  In addition, I am somewhat lucky while I only paid out $300, many have paid them thousands of dollars.

Thankful and Grateful I Get Free Tech Help

Thankfully, my Oregon Association of REALTORS® provides all us real estate agents free tech help. Today, I contacted them and they cleaned up my computer and ran a virus scan.  Thankfully, Geeks World did little to no damage.  I thought perhaps they hadn’t completed the work they wanted to do to my computer, as they are still calling me. Thankfully, I now know who and what they are.

Please be careful when getting assistance on-line.  You may think you are dealing with a certified HP tech but you may not be.  Just a heads up to let you know what happened to me.  I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

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