Lake Oswego Real Estate This Week Stats Part 1

This week the stats are broken down by zip code. The source of these stats, Altos Research, has revised their reporting method. Therefore, the zip code for 97035 (north of Oswego Lake) are posted today, and I will post 97034 (south of Oswego Lake) tomorrow.

This is still a seller’s market with inventory leveling off for this time period, which is not unusual this time of year,  However, 49% of houses for sale in 97035, did have a price adjustment.  Also, days on the market for this zip is relatively higher taking 108 days on the market before selling. Prices continue to increase due to the shortage of inventory here locally.

As soon as the holidays are behind us, and we have nicer weather, real estate trends I believe will continue an uptick.

Lake Oswego Zip Code 97035

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