Lake Oswego Real Estate This Week Stats

I have been reporting since the beginning of May that I had noticed a slow down and a decrease in prices in Lake Oswego, although our RMLS™ had not reported that as of yet.  Our RMLS™ stats are one month behind, and it is still not reporting a slow-down in pricing.  However, the July report will be out in the next few days and I will post that information here.

What the  RMLS™ has been reporting, however, is a slow-down in lockboxes being opened – i.e. a decrease in showings each week.  My Facebook Real Estate Group real estate brokers are also still noting the slow-down. Once the RMLS™ stats are published, I will look at the stats closer to see if I can notice a trend or not.

Lake Oswego This Week Stats

If you check back in my “This Week Stats” blog posts you will see I had noted that 34%, then 37%, then 41% of properties each week had reduced their asking prices.

This week you can see that has now jumped to 52%.  In other words, 52% of the listings currently on the market for sale reduced their list prices.

You can also see that the median list price has dropped below $850,000 and now stands at $849,000. Three quarters of all listings are still in the jumbo loan category – above $600,000 (asking prices above $750,000 now for sale).  Only 1/4 of all listings in Lake Oswego are under $550,000.  Affordability still high in Lake Oswego.

In addition, This Week’s Stats show that the seller’s advantage has been dropping.  In other words, it is slowly falling to either a “normal” market range or edging ever so slowly towards a buyers’ market.  I will keep watching this.

Lake Oswego This Week Stats As Of Monday, August 7, 2017

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