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I have been wanting to write about this topic going on four years now.  Why four years? The reason is I joined a Facebook Group called “365 Days of Eliminating Crap”.  While I am not a hoarder, and don’t have a lot of collections, I realized that when I built my house in 1988, I moved in and did not go through the process of eliminating anything.  I am also not a shopper, so I don’t buy or bring a lot of things home but still have more than I ever want or need.Picture from

In addition, one of the many reasons I wanted to write about this subject is because I spend a lot of time helping owners, who are getting ready to list their homes with me, declutter.  One of the things I say all the time is, you are going to move anyway, you might was well start decluttering and packing before you put your home on the market for sale.  Further, buyers want a “move in” ready house and your clutter or possessions will detract from your home.

Here is just a short list of what I have learned during the past four years I have been in the Facebook group “365 Days of Eliminating Crap”.  I started this list quite a while ago and could add many more things I have learned to it, but for now, here’s the short list:

 Decluttering Your Lake Oswego Home

The decluttering FB group rules are that we eliminate 1 item a day or multiples of the same 1 item a day — no more than that. The Facebook group has helped me immensely by doing the following:

  • The group holds me accountable posting pics every day plus provides non-judgmental support.
    It is not enough to empty the contents in baskets or storage containers or rent a storage space, but we get rid of all the clutter plus the containers.
  • We sometimes hold on to things because of guilt.
  • Sometimes we have grandiose ideas of what we want to accomplish or do, so we go out and buy all the supplies because we want to duplicate things we see on line or what Martha Stewart does.  We have the best intentions, but then all the supplies accumulate and we never use them.
  • Making more  conscious decisions and becoming more mindful of what we need to get rid of.
  • If it was a gift and I don’t like or want it, it is always harder to let the item go.
  • Many of my books and paper items link to my childhood, marriage, etc. and those are hard to eliminate.
  • Women have a tendency to hold on to clothes thinking they will fit into them again.  In my case, having lost weight my clothes were all too big and yet I still held on to them as a safety net.  I  had various different sizes.
  • There are many groups, professionals who help declutter, or information that can help you especially on Facebook such as KonMari groups, the 365 group I belong to, Project 333, etc.  Know you are not alone.
  • I am a minimalist and would rather have less than more.  This 365 days group has been an eye opener for me.  People who visit me say they don’t see the clutter I am referring to all the time.  I tell them it is all in drawers, my closets or the garage!
  • I am learning to live with fewer clothes and things. I am learning to do without.  I think of our landfills and know they are loaded with junk, trash and all our stuff! I don’t want to contribute to the landfill.  I recycle, compost and donate items to be reused or to those in need.
  • One of my many issues is I have too many hobbies and interests. I live in curiosity daily but need to pull back on some of those and have.
  • I am also becoming more aware of expiration dates on food products.  Instead of buying because I might need it some day, I now only buy food items when I need them.  Also, using up what I have such as spices, etc. before I buy more.
  • I swear, I walk past stuff in my house everyday and don’t see it or even realize it is clutter. It disappears into the background and decluttering makes you look at things closer.
  • I seem to have multiples of many things.  Now before I shop to replace anything, I look to see if I might already have that item.
  • Clutter is silent. It blends in with our surroundings and we don’t even see it.
  • The older I get the more of a procrastinator I have become.
  • Some things provide comfort. I realize I no longer need things to provide that comfort.
  • There are many topics/crafts I have lost interest in over the years. Interests change as you do so getting rid of items attached to those interests should be eliminated.
  • Do not expect to keep your house clean as you are decluttering. Piles become the norm until items are given away or donated.
  • I no longer need to do crafts to fill my days. Those days are gone. The craft items I have, and many are 30+++ years old, have been donated to places that reuse them.  I now have other interests I want to explore and other things to do.
  • Buy stuff because you think you need it or really want it. I have stopped doing that.  If there is a major purchase I think I want, I don’t buy it until after 1 day or more to consider whether I really need it.
  • Things I haven’t used in at least 1 year get automatically discarded.
  • Going through this process I find items did not know I even had and some are now being put to good use.
  • I no longer save things in case I need them or maybe one day will use them. Instead, I donate them to someone, sell them, donate or recycle all those items.

As mentioned above, this is only a short list of things I have learned from decluttering.  Sometimes it is easier than other times to go through this process.  This group only eliminates 1 item a day, which makes it a whole lot easier.

Stay-cation To Decluter

4th of July weekend is coming up, or perhaps you are planning a staycation at home this year.  Take some time and start decluttering.  I cannot share with you the feeling I get when things are gone and out of the house.  It has been like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders.  And, you can’t even remember what you had or what you got rid of!

365 Days Of Eliminating Crap

If you want to join the group I am talking about, send me an email and I will send you an “invite” to join this great group.

In another post soon, I will write about what resources are available locally to donate, help with removing your clutter, etc. In the meantime, if you would like that information, or have me stop by to assist you with what you might need to do to get your home ready for sale, let me know.


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