Lake Oswego Real Estate Oregon Financing Update

After equities rebounded in Thursday’s session, we opened Friday morning with most major indices across Asia, Europe, and the U.S. posting more positive results. In turn, Treasury yields have traded back higher, as we close out what has been a rather volatile week. After the continued “political bombs” hit the tape one after the other this week, Friday gave us a bit of breather with an empty-data day.

Looking ahead to next week, the calendar will include a good mix of eco data and Fed activity, primarily starting with Wednesday’s release of the FOMC Minutes, followed by GDP and Durable Goods Orders on Friday.

Interest Rates

Looking at interest rates, it’s probably a little too early to tell what exactly lies ahead in the coming week(s). We think a slight consolidation was justified, especially after seeing such a strong move lower in yields primarily driven off of political headlines. Going forward, we think the market will now work itself more into a “sideways” motion, that is, until the next big headline hits the newswires. We are marking a short-term range for the 10yr at ~2.17-2.26% and we can expect that range to continue into next week. While we see the 2.17% mark as more of a “minimum” target, the larger time frame charts point to a ~1.92% low.

Given all of the crosscurrents in DC, combined with a lot of very mixed economic data on a global basis, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to see another stronger push lower in rates. That said, we all need to be careful with how volatile this market is and how fast it can turn … keep in mind that we are only one headline from going the other direction to higher rates. Bottom line and our current bias, when the market gives you an opportunity, take it and move on.


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