As real estate agents, we use a lot of acronyms.  In addition, there are certain abbreviations within our RMLS™ that buyers and sellers are sometimes not aware of and can mean the difference in selling a home.

I have noticed a lot of listings within our RMLS™ that are WTH (withdrawn) vs. CAN (Canceled).  Sellers may not be aware that there is a big difference as to how your house appears in the RMLS™ especially if you are wanting to sell your Lake Oswego home.

There is a shortage of housing inventory, and it is important you know the status of your home as it is listed in RMLS™. You can search your own home, ask your agent to show you how it appears in RMLS™ or request a copy of your RMLS™ listing. A copy of the listing, and any changes to it, should have been given to you by the agent.

Now is one of best times to sell in years and if you are WTH, you might be missing out on buyer demand and a sale.


There is some confusion about the difference between the Canceled (CAN) and Withdrawn (WTH) statuses within RMLS™. In a nutshell, when a listing is canceled, the real estate agent and seller no longer have a contract between them—the sellers may be approached to relist their property by another brokerage/agent.

When a listing is in a withdrawn status, the agent and seller still share a contract—agents should not approach the seller and this may be subject to an ethics violation.  Basically, you property just is not listed within RMLS™ for sale but you still have a binding contract with that brokerage.

There are many reasons sellers WTH withdraw their properties for sale from RMLS™.  Perhaps there was an emergency personal situation and they, for a brief period of time, don’t want the house on the open market available for showings.  Perhaps repairs were needed and not completed.  Perhaps there was an unplanned trip that required the home to be unavailable for a short period of time.  However, if you want your property sold, and you are in an WTH status in the RMLS™, your property is basically off the market, even though you still have it listed with a brokerage/agent.


The following is from RMLS™ on the definition of each status:

  • Active (ACT) Active is the status for any property for which there is a current and in-force contract with a seller.
  • Expired (EXP) Once the contract with the seller reaches its expiration date, that listing is considered expired. Naturally, it should be marked EXP in the database. This will happen automatically at midnight on the date specified in the Expiration Date field.
  • Canceled (CAN) Listings may also be canceled prior to their expiration date. The Canceled status signifies that the listing contract has been canceled and terminated. Obviously, if the CONTRACT with a seller has been canceled then the real estate agent would not want to actively market or advertise the property. The date that is change when the listing to Canceled gets recorded in the Expiration Date field and the listing will always appear as CAN from that point on.
  • Withdrawn (WTH) If an owner requests it, and has signed the proper paperwork, an agent can withdraw a listing in the RMLS™ database. The contract between the agent and the seller is still in force, but the property will no longer be actively marketed or advertised. This could be a temporary condition and the listing can be returned to Active status later. Special note: A listing marked WTH will still expire once it hits midnight on the date specified in the Expiration Date field.
  • Bumpable Buyer (BMP) Accepted offers with bumpable buyers shall be only those listings with an accepted offer which provides: 1) that the buyer’s purchase is contingent upon the sale of the buyer’s property within a limited time; 2) the buyer’s property is in a category which can be listed in RMLS™; and 3) that if the seller receives another acceptable offer, the first buyer has a specified period to remove the contingency.  A property may not remain in active status if an offer has been accepted with the foregoing terms. “Accepted offer with bumpable buyer” sales will remain as searchable listings in BMP status in the RMLS™ System until a status change is reported. If there is an accepted offer that is dependent upon the sale of other real property then the listing should be marked BMP until: a.) The contract expires b.) The contract is canceled c.) The agent designates the listing to be pending (see below) d.) The listing goes back on the market and the status is marked Active again.
  • Pending (PEN) Pending signifies that there is an offer that has been accepted. Pending is the last step before the actual closing of the sale. An agent can mark a listing PEN anytime the sale of the property is dependent upon something OTHER than the sale of other real property or an accepted offer with lease option terms.
  • Pending Lease Option (POP) Pending Lease Option signifies that there is an accepted offer with lease option terms.
  • Short Sale Pending (SSP) Short Sale Pending includes only those listings: 1) where there is a Short Sale as defined by RMLS™ Rule 3.25; 2) where the Seller has accepted the offer; and 3) where the 3rd Party approvals have not yet been obtained.
  • Sold (SLD) Once the contract is closed and the sale of the property is final, it is marked sold.
  • Commercial Lease Sold (LSD) Once the property has been fully leased or up to five (5) partial leases have been completed, the listing is marked as leased.
  • Sold Not Listed (SNL) The SNL status denotes properties where the buyer was represented by an RMLS™ member but the property was either not listed by an RMLS™ member or was an office exclusive where the listing office declined to enter the information after the sale. (See Rules & Regulations section 3.27 for more information.) SNL is entered after the property is closed and does not appear on the Hotsheet as a new listing. NOTE: After an SNL property is entered into the system, it cannot be modified.

Any changes to a property listing need to be submitted to RMLS™ within 72 hours.


There are links above to search for real estate.  I have a new website where you can search or you can use my mobile phone app as well. My website and mobile app provide you with access to all listings available on the RMLS™ system regardless of who the listing agent or brokerage may be. Listings are updated frequently throughout the day giving you the information you need, when you need it.

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