Lake Oswego Real Estate It Does Not Take Much Water

Hurricane Sandy has been a wake-up call for many.  Here in our area, the weather is due to change this weekend with more rain coming.Lake Oswego Real Estate It Does Not Take Much Watter. Did you know it doesn’t take a lot of water to cause damage to your home? If you own a home or business in some of our Clackamas County areas, you may need flood insurance.

If you’re a Clackamas County resident or property owner in an unincorporated Clackamas County area, you have the option to buy flood insurance whether or not you live in a floodplain.

Flood Insurance Clackamas County

Homeowner and business insurance policies do not cover flood damage.  Separate flood insurance must be purchased to cover flood damage or loss.

The Who Why What When And Where?

Why Buy Flood Insurance? Just a few inches of water can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage that not covered by homeowners insurance.  You’re not just at risk of a flood if you live near a river, floods can also occur because of clogged drains, surface water back-ups, and flash-floods. Who Can Buy Flood Insurance? You don’t need to be in a floodplain to buy flood insurance.  Clackamas County is in the National Flood Insurance Program and all residents and business owners in unincorporated areas of Clackamas County can buy flood insurance. What Is Covered By Flood Insurance? Flood insurance covers buildings and their contents when inundated or undermined by flood waters and you may be able to obtain financial help to upgrade buildings to current floodplain construction standards. Where Can You Buy Flood Insurance? Flood insurance is sold through private insurance companies and agents and then backed by the Federal Government. When Should You Buy Flood Insurance? Flood insurance should be purchased before any danger is imminent.  There’s also a 30-day waiting period for new covered to become effective.  Even if you live in a condo, you can get flood insurance. Flood insurance are for houses, individual condos, apartments, businesses, etc. Flood insurance is available to renters. Clackamas County residents receive a 20% discount on flood insurance premiums.

Flood Insurance Information

Source: Clackamas County

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